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Weekly Specials August 22-28

The Kernel’s Featured Specials
August 22-28th , 2016

Monday: ½ Sandwich w/One side choice & Pie 7.99
Chopped Cheddar Beef Steak 7.99
Tuesday: Country Fried Steak w/Country Gravy Dinner 7.99
 ½ Sandwich w/One side & Pie 7.99  ¼ Fried Chicken Basket 8.49

Wednesday:  BLT Basket w/Potato or Onion Rings & Cole Slaw 7.49
   Potato & Dumplings Soup     ¼ Fried Chicken Basket 8.49

Thursday: Polish Sausage & Sauerkraut 7.99
 Cuban Sandwich Basket 8.49    BLT Basket 7.49

Friday: Award Winning Fish Fry Dinners 8.29 & Up
Fish Fry Sandwich w/One side choice 7.99
Saturday: BBQ Smoked Pork Ribs Special 9.99
Patty Melt Basket 8.69 Cuban Sandwich Basket 8.49

Sunday:  Baked Ham & Pineapple Glaze 8.69

BBQ Smoked Pork Ribs Special 9.99   Beer Battered Shrimp Basket 8.69 


Bean & Sausage & Rice Soup

Bean & Sausage & Rice Soup
We make alot of homemade soups, I am particularly proud of this one.
Its really a white chili. And here is how I make it:

Start with chicken stock.
Onion & Celery
Rice & Roasted Red & Jalapeno Peppers & Corn
Smoked Sausage, Cooked Bacon, & Diced Chicken Breast

Also add; Some diced tomatoes. garlic,
chili powder ( I use smoked Serrano) to taste
Bean & Sausage & Rice Soup


Today's Soup: Soup of the Month-Cabbage & Ham

Of all the homemade soups we make at the Kernel, the one we have gotten the most requests for a recipe for is the Cabbage & Ham. It is very easy to prepare, but one ingredient may be hard to come by for the average cook, we will discuss this later. First of all you will need to prep your cabbage, rutabaga and onions. I won't give you the same recipe we use at the restaurant because you probably won't want 7 gallons of soup to eat at your place. I will give you a general guide, you can decide how much to make. Clean a head of cabbage and chop it into rather large pieces, it will fall apart during the cooking process. Try and find a small rutabaga, peel it and chop it into bite size pieces. Chop a small yellow onion, put these three ingredients into you largest pot and add enough water to cover all.  Bring this to a boil and when the rutabaga is tender, add a can of diced tomato. Next add some sugar (about 1/2 cup should do). Season with salt and pepper. Now add a cup of your favorite ketchup. What you need now is some ham base. The best I've found it Minor's. Unfortunately you probably won't find this in a grocery store, so find the best quality ham soup base you can find and add a couple tablespoons. Add some diced cooked ham, let the flavors marry on the stove for a while and you should be done. Don't make your soup too thick, or the cabbage will absorb the liquid you have left and your leftovers will not be very good. You will have leftovers unless you have a very large family.



Breakfast Specials Monday through Saturday


Served Monday through Saturday 5AM-11AM
-No Substitutions or Price Reductions-
**All include Free Beverage**
Coffee, Soda, Tea, Milk, Fruit Juice

French Toast
2 thick slices of strawberry fritter bread,
w/choice of ham, bacon or sausage

Banana-Pecan Pancakes
Banana flavored pancakes filled with sliced candied pecan pieces,
 topped with fresh banana slices & whipped topping, drizzled w/Caramel,
& Choice of breakfast meat.  7.99

Eggs Benny
Basted eggs (2) served on an open faced English Muffin, w/Bacon (Rounds),
Topped w/creamy Hollandaise sauce 6.79
Fruit & Yogurt Parfait
Layers of non-fat Vanilla yogurt,
Fresh sliced banana, red grapes,
 and granola. 5.29

Eggs & Corned Beef Hash
Two eggs served over our grilled homemade corned beef hash,
served with toast or muffin. 7.99
Irish Benedict
2 eggs served on crispy corned beef hash,
On an English Muffin,
Topped with creamy Hollandaise sauce 8.49
Biscuit & Eggs Special
1 Homemade Biscuit topped with 2 eggs,
& Cup of Sausage gravy    6.99

Big Classic Breakfast
2 eggs, hash browns,
4 Sausage Links or 4 strips Bacon,
& toast, or English Muffin,or
homemade muffin. 8.49
3 - French Toast Special
3 slices of French toast,
& choice of ham, bacon, or sausage.  
Big Combo

2 Pancakes, 2 Eggs,3 bacon or 3 links,
Hash Browns 9.29


Bananas & Candied Pecan Pancakes

Banana & Pecan Pancakes

 The batter:
Banana Flavored Milk
Butter Milk
Banana Flavored Extract
Vegetable Oil
Brown Sugar
White corn syrup
Baking Powder
Baking Soda

We grill the pancakes with  candied pecans
when ready, we top the pancakes with Whipped topping,
Fresh banana slices, candied pecans and Caramel Sauce

Served with ham, bacon or sausage
& your choice of beverage 7.99

Also may order the pancakes ala carte, one or more


Cuban Sandwich Baskets are Back!

For a limited time,
by Popular Demand:
Cuban Sandwich Baskets are back for your enjoyment
First, we roast smoked pork belly,
remove excess fat, and pull pork from it
Along with our pulled smoked ham roast
Then combine the two types of pulled pork
This goes inside your Ciabatta roll
with Swiss Cheese
served Onion Rings or Potato
& our world class creamy Cole Slaw
Oh Yeah!!


Making the Swiss Steak Special

Thought you might want to know how we make our Swiss steak.

We start with hand cut, Certified Hereford Beef

This is a cuber, it pierces the meat to ensure tenderness
and helps get the flavors into the meat.

Running a steak through the cuber.

Roll the steaks in seasoned flour.

Brown the steaks on our flat top.

Along with beef stock, seasonings and other ingredients
we prepare our Swiss steak gravy.

Then after hours of slow cooking in the Swiss Steak gravy,
we have your Swiss steak dinner.


Enroll in the Kernel Rewards Program and Save

 If you dine at the Kernel and have an email address there is no reason not to sign up for our rewards program. All you need to do is enroll, then when you come to the Kernel, write your phone number on your guest check. It's a no lose decision for you, you will receive rewards in your email on a regular basis.

 Once you have enrolled whenever you dine at the Kernel simply write your phone number on your guest check and your purchase will be credited to your rewards account. For each dollar you spend at the Kernel you will receive one point ($1=1 point). You may earn bonus points by referring friends and "liking" us on Facebook.

A few of the benefits for participation:
  • Free dessert on your and spouses birthday
  • A variety of discounts ($2 - $10 off)
  • Free appetizers
  • Eligible for special offers

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